Longevity vs Lifespan

Only 20 percent of our longevity is genetically determined. The rest is what we do, how we live our lives.

Dr. David Sinclair – Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Longevity’s Twin Pillars:
Your “Lifespan” & “Healthspan”

The fact that “good genes” is only a small part of what controls our lifespan is good news.

That’s because it means most of us have lot of control over the two key aspects of human longevity:

● Lifespan: How long we live (birth to death).
● Healthspan: The quality of life we live. Free from serious disease, injury and disability (mind, body and soul).

Truth-be-told, most of us have most everything we need to optimize our lifespans and healthspans.

We need only to have the right information and options.

And then we only need to make the right choices.
YouLoveLife™ is all about giving you more choices.

More choices so you can look and feel years younger.

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